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Introducing the research

The entanglement of different waters, places and living beings, is what makes water research so interesting. Water appears differently in each assemblage, with different biochemical properties, cultural meanings and capacity to shape naturecultures.

Bringing infrastructure to life

One of the fun parts of interdisciplinary research (and research in general) is pulling together different ideas and concepts. In thinking about constructed wetlands, the combination encapsulated by ‘living infrastructure’ is one I’ve found interesting. In this post I want to (a) quickly lay out some of the theoretical currents that lead to this intersection,… Continue reading Bringing infrastructure to life

Living waters

This post was written in 2017; living in Berlin and thinking about rivers in Aotearoa. I think some of the ways of thinking about water in it have carried through into my current research. Rivers are living systems. Endless currents of debate, diverging policies, a flood of concern about water issues, none of this matters… Continue reading Living waters