About me

Building a PhD on socioecological entanglements of wastewater.

Geographer, political ecologist, water scientist.

PhD at the University of Stirling, based at UKCEH Edinburgh.


I was raised on a small farm on the Awhitu peninsula, between the Tasman Sea (Te Tai-o-Rehua), and the Manukau harbour, just south of Auckland, in Aotearoa New Zealand. My ancestors, two to four generations back, migrated to Aotearoa from various corners of England and Scotland (via Australia, India, China). My own wanderings have included living in Portugal, Brasil, Germany and now Scotland.

academic interests + history

I am fascinated by how water ties together socioecological worlds (naturecultures), and how these are understood and shaped through (among others) ecology, hydrosocial scholarship, models, and situated and indigenous knowledges. I’m interested in all kinds of watery studies, political ecology, rivers, decolonisation, more-than-human studies, degrowth, STS and climate justice.

PhD – Geography; University of Stirling, 2018 onwards

MSc – Ecohydrology; CAU Kiel, Germany*, 2013-2015

BE(Hons) – Civil and Environmental Engineering; University of Auckland, 2010-2012

*Erasmus Mundus Masters program, my courses and research were carried out between CAU Kiel; Uni of the Algarve, Portugal; Uni Federal Espirito Santo, Brasil; and IHE Delft, Netherlands.

publications + outpourings

Academic publications: working on it….

A blog post that I co-authored with Claire Deshner on degrowth and decolonisation (https://www.degrowth.info/en/2018/02/decolonisation-and-degrowth/) has accumulated three citations; three more than I had anticipated.

I designed maps for the Walking- one sense at a time project: http://www.thatsnotthepoint.com/walking-one-sense-at-a-time

I’m also working as part of a nascent art-research collective on a Pig Response Project (https://trello.com/b/tWYRE7qV/%F0%9F%90%96pig-response-project%F0%9F%90%96)


I’m always interested in discussing topics related to my research interests, and possible collaborations. Send me a direct message on twitter, or email e.j.hurst [at] stirling.ac.uk